CAPA21 Chair Glen S. Fukushima and many of our Leadership Council Co-Chairs met with former Ambassador Gary Locke last month in San Francisco. The meeting followed a fundraiser for America’s Opportunity Fund at O3 Bistro. Amb. Locke is a founder and Honorary Co-Chair of AOF.

Since we launched in 2014, one of CAPA21’s guiding principles is to work together with existing AAPI political efforts and aspire to complement, not compete with, existing progressive organizations. The AOF/CAPA21 meeting allowed both groups to share organizational priorities and begin discussions on areas or initiatives suitable for collaboration.

AOF seeks to increase the number of Asian American Pacific Islander elected officials in statewide and federal office and increase voter visibility and participation with communities of color to support AOF endorsed candidates.

AOF and CAPA21 staff will have a second round of discussions to explore how our organizations can work together to advance our AAPI communities.