Mark Keam and Tim Kaine

I’ve had the pleasure to have known and worked with Virginia’s Senator Tim Kaine for many years.

Notwithstanding all the national (and international) attention paid to him in the recent days, I still know him as the same down-to-earth guy that I met many years ago with whom I’ve worked with on dozens of issues.

Tim is someone who cares deeply about the most basic things in life and in our society — morality, civility, family values, equity, fairness, justice, and sane and competent government and institutions.

He’s someone who personifies common sense and decency, and he stands for everything that’s right about America even when the pundits proclaim the worst days are yet to come.

Whatever his future holds in the near and far, I’m proud to stand with him and to consider him a friend.

Mark Keam is a Democratic state legislator representing Fairfax County in Virginia House of Delegates since 2010. Mark is also a Leadership Council Co-Chair for the CAPA21 PAC. He originally posted this on Facebook.