CAPA21 Action Fund is supporting two campaign management trainings by America’s Opportunity Fund (AOF) taking place July 8-9 in Los Angeles and July 22-23 in the Bay Area.

Download information on the Bay Area training (PDF)

Download information on the Los Angeles training (PDF)

CAPA21 Action will subsidize ten attendees to these two trainings, fully covering the $150 fee. Two subsidies will be reserved for Pacific Islanders. The remaining eight will prioritize attendees from Filipino, Korean, and Southeast Asian communities, but will be open to any Asian American or Pacific Islander.

Attendees receiving subsidies must be accepted by AOF into one of the trainings. Each subsidized attendee must also agree to (a) be profiled in a future CAPA21 Action communication; and (b) reimburse CAPA21 Action if they do not attend the training.

The ten subsidies will cover both trainings and will be awarded based upon demand. If we get more interest in the LA training, for example, we may allocate six subsidies for LA and four for the Bay Area.

We recommend you apply for the training via AOF and apply for our subsidy at the same time. CAPA21 Action will evaluate subsidy requests independently of AOF’s screening process, so submitting your request to us will accelerate an award for those individuals accepted into an AOF training.

Send your questions to Keith Kamisugi at or 415-855-0888.

America’s Opportunity Fund ( is a 527 Political Action Committee. Founded in 2007 by then Governor Gary Locke and Secretary Norman Mineta, AOF’s mission is to support federal and statewide candidates and elected officials who represent the interests of communities of color, and who inspire participation in government for the benefit of all Americans.