We received a great response to our August 3 post: “The Math (and Path) is Clear. We Must Take Back Congress in Order to Restrain Trump.”

In one week, we raised more than $15,000 to help stop Trump and his comrades from destroying our democracy and normalizing racism, sexism and anti-immigrant virulence.

The CAPA21 PAC recognizes and thanks those on the front lines – the early donors – who have made generous contributions to this effort:

Glen S. Fukushima
Dale Minami
Joan Haratani
Teresa Tan
Doris Gee
Patrick Yam
Ayako Nagano
Sam Mihara
Dr. Craig Yamada and Dr. Monice Kwok
Christine Noma
Patricia Shiu
Roland Minami
Audee Kochiyama-Holman
Richard Komatsu
Marisa and Chris Calice
Maeley Tom

With your help, Asian Americans can make a difference in taking back Congress and stopping the vilest president we have known. We can reverse this current climate of anti-immigration laws, hate crimes, revival of internment prisons and discrimination.

In order to do this, we need your support to help the challengers to the Trump Congress who are now within striking distance of winning the seats needed to change control of the federal legislature. In each of the Districts, Hillary Clinton defeated Trump, often by substantial margins.

We’ve raised enough funds to donate to a first round of Democratic candidates.

T.J Cox vs. David Valadao
Andrew Janz vs. David Nunes
Harley Rouda vs. Dana Rohrabacher
Katie Hill vs. Steve Knight
Gil Cisneros vs. Young Kim (Seat vacated by then Republican incumbent Edward Royce,
Mike Levin vs. Diane Harkey (seat vacated by then Republican incumbent Darryl Issa)
Josh Harder vs. Jeff Denham

Many others are fundraising for the same goal – to take back Congress – but your donation will help amplify the voices of Asian Americans in the political process and this historic moment.

Let’s reclaim this great nation. Donate to the CAPA21 PAC today. When the Democrats take back Congress, it must be known that Asian Americans played a role. Our voices and our importance must be heard and felt.

Thank you!

~ Dale Minami