Hoyt Zia, Leigh-Ann Miyasato, and CAPA21 Chair Glen S. Fukushima are pledging $20,000 total in matching donations. We surpassed our $50,000 and this match pledge is key to helping us hit our next goal of $100,000.

Donate today and your donation will effectively be doubled!


Below, Hoyt explains why he and Leigh-Ann are digging deep to help take back Congress. They are not frequent donors to political causes. They are not wealthy. But like many of you, they see the extreme urgency of the threat posed by Trump and the Republicans.

Our deepest appreciation to Hoyt, Leigh-Ann, and Glen for their generous pledge on top of their already considerable previous donations!

After Hoyt’s post, I share a list of our total donations after two rounds of contributions and an updated list of our donors we’d like to thank for supporting Asian Americans #TakeItBack!

Thank you for your continued support!

~ Dale

Hoyt Zia: Why We’re Digging Deep to Help Take Back Congress

Leigh-Ann and I recently donated $10,000 to support the CAPA21 PAC and ensure that Asian American’s invest in efforts to take back our Congress.  This is the biggest political contribution we have ever made, and we’re willing to contribute even more now because it’s that important.

When we first saw Dale MInami’s email about CAPA21’s Asian Americans #TakeItBack fundraising campaign, we decided to give big. It wasn’t a hard decision because we recognized that we urgently need to stem the horror of watching our democracy being systematically dismantled by that lunatic in the White House and his lackeys. Giving to CAPA21 seems our best way to Resist.

The upcoming midterm elections frankly scare the hell out of us.  They will be the most important elections of our generation if not our lifetimes. They will determine what kind of country we leave for our children, one where white supremacists are empowered at the expense of women and people of color—like us—or one in which we continue to enjoy the freedoms and equality that we’ve spent our lives fighting for.

We’ve known many of you, our fellow CAPA21 contributors, for decades, and the arc of our lives has been the same as yours.  We’ve worked like you to take care of our families, provide for our kids and prepare for retirement, and although we’re not crazy rich Asians we’ve managed to save enough.  While we generally prefer to make our donations to charitable causes instead of political campaigns, this upcoming election presents a stark choice, and we choose to give more now for a brighter, hopeful future against a political regime that has and will continue to strip the rights and undo the social justice causes we’ve spent our lives fighting for.

As Asian Americans, we’ve been talking about political empowerment for our community since the Clinton Administration, but our political giving hasn’t matched our demands for empowerment.  Now that we’re facing political extinction of everything we hold dear as Americans: shouldn’t we be doing more?  We’re willing to do so; will you join us?

CAPA21 has raised $50,000 so far to fight the good fight.  But for this fight to salvage and protect everything we believe in, Leigh-Ann and I feel we have to do more, so we’re kicking in another $5,000 to join with other major donors to the CAPA21 PAC in a matching campaign to raise another $50,000 in additional funds for a total CAPA21 war chest of $100,000 to expand and increase the contributions to Asian American candidates running for Congress and candidates running in swing districts or those districts with large Asian American electorates or whose elections will make a significant impact on the direction of the country.

Please join us with your donation to CAPA21 PAC today. Together with a pledge of $10,000 from Glen S. Fukushima, we will match new donations made by October 5 dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000.



Because of your generous support, we made two rounds of donations to candidates in California swing districts and to key Asian American candidates:

Mike Levin For Congress – California 49th District – $2,500.00
Andy Kim for Congress – New Jersey – $4,000.00
Josh Harder for Congress – California 10th District – $2,500.00
Katie Hill for Congress – California 25th District – $2,500.00
Harley Rouda for Congress – California 48th District – $3,500.00
Andrew Janz for Congress – California 22nd District – $4,500.00
Gina Ortiz Jones for Congress – Texas – $4,000.00
TJ Cox for Congress – California 21st District – $2,000.00

New donations to:
Beto O’Rourke for U.S. Senate (Texas) – $1,000
Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate (Nevada) – $1,000

We also donated the following to support field efforts:
Asian Americans Against Trumpism – $5,000
APIAVote – $2,500
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance – $2,500

We can give more with your support! Your donation will be matched 1:1 up to $20,000!


The CAPA21 PAC recognizes and thanks those on the front lines – the early donors – who have made generous contributions to this effort:

Hoyt Zia and Leigh-Ann Miyasato
Glen S. Fukushima
Minami Tamaki LLP
Clement Kong
Don Tamaki
Johnnie Giles
Dale Minami and Ai Mori
Dr. Craig Yamada and Dr. Monice Kwok
Bryan Springmeyer
Chris Noma and Steve Fong
Colbert Matsumoto
Dianne Fukami
Henry Der
Joan Haratani
John Yang
Kei-On Chan
Michael G. Lee
Minette Kwok and Gerald Okimoto
Paul Osaki
Randy Choy
Richard Sakai and Connie Young
Sydney Kohara
Audrey Yamamoto
David Louie
Edwin Oshika
Emerald Yeh
Renie Yoshida
Tasha Yorozu
Emi Gusukuma
Jeff Woo and Shirley Tan
Mas and Marcia Hashimoto
Sean Tamura-Sato
Stan Yogi
Vincent Pan
Angela Oh
Audee Kochiyama Holman
Carol Izumi
Eddie and Pam Kochiyama
Hiroshi Shimizu
Jeff and Sandy Mori
Todd Fujinaga
William G. Wong
Ben and Dianne Fong-Torres
Cal Abe
Celia Lee and Clarke Holland
Doris Gee
Dr. Roland Minami
Eddie Wong
Gary Lee and Lisa Oyama
Maeley Tom
Martha Nakagawa
Nancy Yamaguchi
Patricia Shiu
Paul Igasaki
Philip Kan Gotanda and Diane Takei
Richard Komatsu
Sam Mihara
Satsuki Ina
Teresa Tan
Wilfred Lim
Shirley Nakao
Emiko Omori
Mary Ridley

If you donated and don’t see your name here, please email us so we can recognize you!

And we welcome new donations to our Asian Americans #TakeItBack campaign!

Asian Americans can make a difference in taking back Congress and stopping the vilest president we have known. We can reverse this current climate of anti-immigration laws, hate crimes, revival of internment prisons and discrimination. #TakeItBack