In this post: (1) An additional $69,000 in independent expenditure donations to political committees focused on toss-up Senate and House races and $20,000 to voter registration, voter education, and voter protection organizations; (2) An additional $50,000 to Democratic Senators or challengers; and (3) An additional $30,000 to Democratic House Members or challengers.

Independent Expenditures: $89,000

We need to stop the confirmation of another Trump Supreme Court Justice!

We need two more Republican Senators to agree that they will not confirm a Trump appointee to the Supreme Court before the next President is elected (with no Democrat defections). The chances look bleak to stop this hypocritical confirmation, but donating to Democratic challengers will still achieve a longer term goal of taking back the Senate.

A Trump addition to the Supreme Court will dismantle our civil rights in the future, and could also  ensure the re-election of Donald Trump by approving his contesting unfavorable vote results in swing states. This could give him the electoral victory.

We must remember Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court decision that gave Florida’s electoral votes to George W. Bush and made him President. It can happen again unless we stop the appointment of a jurist to replace the “irreplaceable” Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Or, our Plan B is to enlarge the Supreme Court to make it more representative of Americans, but we must take back the Senate to do this

We need to show incumbent Republican  Senators in highly contested elections that we will do all we can to finance Democratic opponents and the Senate candidates’  PACs that will make strategic decisions to help Democrats flip the Senate. Vulnerable Republicans must wake up to the possibility of losing if they vote for a Trump nominee.  We are obviously focusing on the Senate as the loss of our great jurist and ally inspires us to fight as if our democracy depends on it!

CAPA21 has already given more than $85,000 to Democratic campaigns. We will commit another $40,000 to Senate-focused  committees (those formed to support or oppose a candidate but cannot coordinate efforts with candidates) and $29,000 donations to similar House-focused committees. 

CAPA21 is also supporting organizations and efforts engaged in voter protection, voter education, GOTV, and voter rights. We gave $35,000 total to these groups: APIAVote, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Georgia Advancing Progress PAC, and Asian Americans Against Trump, and Asian Americans in Action (Orange County). We also donated $15,000 to the Biden Victory Fund.

We plan on making additional contributions of $10,000 to Fair Fight, a Stacy Abrams organized group to voter protection and $10,000 to an AAPI Democratic Party committee in North Carolina, a crucial battleground in the Senate war. 

Towards a Democrat-Controlled Senate: $50,000

CAPA21 is donating $5,000 or, in some cases an additional $5,000, to the following candidates. 

Mark Kelly (D) in Arizona – Why: Kelly’s race to oust Sen. Martha McSally (R) has taken on extra significance. If he wins, it’s possible he could be seated as early as Nov. 30 and impact the deliberations and vote on the Supreme Court vacancy. – State of Race: All recent polls show Kelly with anywhere from a +1 to +17 lead.

Sara Gideon (D) in Maine – Why: Asian American and the speaker of the state House; represents our opposition to Sen. Susan Collins’s vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court as well as her vote to support Trump in the Senate impeachment trial – State of Race: Recent Suffolk/Globe poll shows Gideon with five-point lead.

Jaime Harrison (D) in South Carolina – Why: We must defeat Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Senate Judiciary Chair, who is destroying our courts by rubber-stamping the confirmation of extremely partisan and often unqualified Trump nominees to the federal judiciary. – State of Race: Latest poll shows race is a dead heat.

Sen. Gary Peters in Michigan (D) – Why: Swing state in presidential election; key race in taking back Senate. – State of Race:  One recent poll shows Peters leading incumbent Sen. John James (R) by 16 points. 

Sen. Tina Smith in Minnesota (D)  – Why: Swing state in presidential election; key race in taking back Senate. – State of Race: Incumbent with lead over GOP opponent, but race still under the radar. Recent poll showing Smith leading challenger Jason Lewis  by 15 points. 

John Hickenlooper (D) in Colorado – Why: Oust Sen. Cory Gardner (R). – State of Race: Sept. 14 poll shows Hickenlooper leading incumbent by 10 points.

Cal Cunningham (D) in North Carolina – Why: Oust Sen. Thom Tillis (R) – State of Race:  All recent polls show Cunningham leading with as much as +11.

Jon Ossoff (D) in Georgia – Why: Oust Sen. David Perdue (R) – State of Race:  Polls are mixed, with some showing Ossoff leading by 1 point.

Steve Bullock (D) in Montana – Why: Oust Sen. Steve Daines (R). – State of Race: Polls improving for Bullock with NY Times poll from Sept. 20 showing Bullock within one point. 

Theresa Greenfield (D) in Iowa – Why: Oust Sen. Joni Ernst (R). – State of Race: Polls show Greenfield gaining with Sept. 19 poll showing her leading by three after Sept. 10 poll showed her trailing by 5 points.

Keeping Our Democratic House Majority: $30,000

We made new contributions totaling $30,000, making our new total $80,000 to House candidates in close or competitive races:

Rep. Andy Kim – NJ 03
Audrey Denny – CA 01
Christie Smith – CA 25
Eugene Depasquale – PA 10
Gina Ortiz-Jones  – TX 23
Hiral Tipirneni – AZ 06
Rep. Josh Harder  – CA10
Rep. Judy Chu – CA 27
Rep. Katie Porter  – CA 45
Marilyn Strickland – WA 10
Rep. Stephanie Murphy – FL 07
Rep. Susan Wild – PA 07
Rep. Tom O’ Halleran – AZ 01

We gave $29,000 to the House Majority PAC to help in strategic House races that they select.

To CAPA21’s Donors – Thank You for Being Part of this Battle for the Soul of Our Country!

We received many new donations after the passing of RBG and we wanted to acknowledge those as well as the generosity of past donors. A number of donors asked not to be listed so this is a partial list. To all of you, much gratitude in standing with us to resist this despicable President!

See our list of donors here.

Thank you all for your contributions to our struggle. We thank our new donors and those who gave multiple donations, as well as these supporters who have raised additional contributions through matches: Glen S. Fukushima, Hoyt Zia, Joan Haratani, Johnnie Giles, and Soon Yu.