In our last update, we announced contributions from CAPA21 totaling $169,000 to Senate and House Races, Independent Committees. Today, we share details of our sixth round of donations to the following groups and candidates:

$55,000 to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to support Democratic Senate campaigns – The only organization solely dedicated to electing a Democratic Senate, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee  is led by Chair Senator Catherine Cortez Masto – the first Latina elected to the United States Senate – and works to take back the Senate from the Republicans and give the next Democratic president a Democratic Senate to work with.

$25,000 to AAPIs for Biden/Biden Victory Fund – The Biden campaign, the DNC, and 47 state parties have entered a joint fundraising agreement to build on the DNC’s already existing infrastructure that will help defeat Donald Trump and win elections for Democrats across the country. The Biden Victory Fund’s goal is to ensure that we put Joe Biden in the best position possible to beat Donald Trump.

$20,000 to Senate Majority PAC to support Democratic Senate campaigns – Senate Majority PAC ensures that our Democratic candidates are better equipped to face well-financed Republican opponents. The PAC runs transparent, low-overhead, independent campaigns to Democrats from Republican attacks, aggressively contest open Senate seats, and go after Republicans on their own turf.

$10,000 to Fair Fight to support voter protections – Founded by Stacey Abrams, the Fair Fight PAC combats voter suppression in Georgia and nationally and brings awareness to the public on election reform, advocates for election reform at all levels, and engages in other voter education programs and communications.

$10,000 to  AAPI Democrats of North Carolina to support Democratic candidates in North Carolina – the official AAPI caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party, the AAPI Democrats of North Carolina advances the interests of AAPIs in the Tar Heel State.

$5,000 to  Georgia Advancing Progress PAC to support API voter registration, education, GOTV – Georgia Advancing Progress PAC is committed to increasing the representation of advancement of AAPIs to elected office in Georgia, and supporting progressive candidates and elected officials who advocate for AAPI issues. 

$5,000  APIAVote Arizona to support API voter registration, education, GOTV –  Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote works to expand the AAPI electorate in Arizona through voter registration, education and get out the vote activities.

$5,000 to Senator Mazie Hirono – In recognition of Senator Hirono’s steadfast and powerful leadership standing up for progressive values and against Trump’s destruction of our democracy. We appreciate her strong opposition to Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination knowing that Barrett was nominated because of her commitment to advancing right-wing ideologies, including dismantling the ACA and overturning Roe v. Wade.

$5,000 or Representative Pramila Jayapal – Rep. Jayapal of Washington State has fought tirelessly for our progressive agenda in Congress, leading legislation to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour and introducing the College for All Act to ensure all of our people can get the education they need.

$5,000 to Rep. Donna Shalala – Rep. Donna Shalala of Florida, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services, is an advocate for AAPI issues, women’s rights, civil rights, increased access to healthcare, better education and public schools, and a clean and sustainable environment. 

$5,000 to Barbara Bollier – Kansas State Senator Barbara Bollier (D) faces Roger Marshall (R) and Jason Buckley (L) in the U.S. Senate seat left open by the retirement of incumbent Senator Pat Roberts (R). Polling shows a tight race. Vox reports: “A Democrat hasn’t won a US Senate seat in Kansas since 1932. And yet, for the first time in decades, the ruby-red state is seeing a truly competitive Senate race.”

To CAPA21’s Donors – Thank You for Being Part of this Battle for the Soul of Our Country!

Our thanks to the constant stream of new donors as well as the generosity of past donors. A number of donors asked not to be listed so this is a partial list. To all of you, much gratitude in standing with us to resist this despicable President!

See the list of our CAPA21 donors as of October 16.