I just saw a disturbing poll that scared the hell out of me: Trump Republicans can successfully recall Governor Newsom unless Democrats and Independents vote. It is scary because the recall of Newsom will most likely AUTOMATICALLY result in the election of an ultra-conservative Republican or Trumpist who will destroy the advances we have made so far in California. It would also reverberate throughout the country, embolden Trumpists in other states, result in more donations to Republicans, and encourage more recall efforts against Democratic Governors based on the same lies.

Newsom has made his mistakes and missteps but focusing on his shortcomings is dangerous if you don’t consider the positives and consequences if he is recalled. He led the fight against Trump in California, appointed a diverse staff, an API Attorney General, more judges of color, and more women judges. He managed unprecedented natural disasters, the COVID spread, and climate change. He promoted legislation to insert Ethnic Studies courses in schools and signed an API Equity Budget to commit $156.5 million to combat anti-Asian hate crimes in California. These actions advance our communities and other communities of color but will certainly be reversed if he is recalled.

His opponents include anti-abortion, anti-diversity, anti-climate control advocates who have done little to prevent anti-API incidents and violence. Just check out their positions and you will be terrified.

APATHY is our biggest enemy. Many believe the recall is unlikely and are not paying attention. A negative impression of him personally, or some criticism of his policies may prevent folks from voting. The result will be a disaster: Trump-like positions and policies.

So please help. We are not asking for money but simple assistance:

  1. Vote against the recall. All registered voters will receive a mail ballot (https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections). Ballots must be returned or postmarked by September 14, 2021.
  2. Tell your family and friends to vote against the recall. Just share with them that you are against the recall and ask them to visit https://stoptherepublicanrecall.com.
  3. Read about his reactionary opponents: https://lat.ms/3AGk28H
  4. Post the dire consequence of a recall on social media. Share this on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Join the campaign to fight the recall. https://stoptherepublicanrecall.com.

Thank you for voting NO on the recall and spreading the word!

~ Dale