Steve Ngo

Leadership Council Co-Chair (Honorary*), CAPA21

steve-ngo-capa21Steve Ngo is a member of the Board of Trustees for the San Francisco Community College District, first taking office in 2009.  He won re-election in November 2012 as the top vote-getter in the citywide at-large election.

For his leadership on the Board of Trustees, Steve received the Next Generation Champion Award from Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth in 2012 and the Policy Innovation Award from the San Francisco Family Support Network in 2011.  His reform efforts at City College of San Francisco have been covered by the New York Times, Washington Monthly, and National Journal.

Steve’s commitment to education is rooted in his experience as a first-generation college graduate and the journey of his parents, Vietnamese refugees.  Steve’s late mother worked as a restaurant server, grocery store clerk, and eventually opened her own nail salon business.  His father took jobs as a busboy, roofer, gardener, and later attended community college to become an auto body repair technician.  Steve’s mother only had a third-grade education and his father only completed the eighth grade, but in America they built a better life through hard work and vocational training.

Steve is a litigator at Lozano Smith LLP, an education and public agency law firm.  He began his legal career at Minami Tamaki LLP, a San Francisco law firm known for its civil rights work and community advocacy.  Prior to law school, Steve received the Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship, serving as staff to the State Assembly Budget Committee.

Steve lives in San Francisco with his wife, Tina Lee, a San Francisco native, and alumna of Lowell, City College of San Francisco, Mills College, and Stanford University.  She is also the first in her family to graduate from college.  They have two daughters.

* Steve’s affiliation with CAPA21 is strictly honorary and he does not have a fiduciary or other decision-making role as provided under applicable campaign finance laws and regulations.