I have never seen such a danger to American ideals

Dale Minami: I have worked to empower Asian Pacific Islander communities for almost 50 years and I have never seen such a danger to API and American ideals

We are only $17,000 away from meeting a $250,000 goal we set to fight that danger. Here’s why and how we plan to do this.

The daily barrage spewed by Trump and his collaborators was really starting to wear me down. I heard the same from others. People expressed to me concerns that the Democrats don’t have a presidential candidate with the charisma and skills of a Barack Obama. They feel helpless, hopeless, or just tired of the bad news.

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Let Us Not Be Silent

The President’s “go back to your own country” tweets bring back bad memories of the racist schoolyard taunts that we grew up with. That these remarks are coming not from a schoolyard bully, but from the Office of the President, marks an enormously distressing shift in the culture intended to redefine what it is to … Continue reading Let Us Not Be Silent