Thanks to you, we’ve reached our goal of $250,000!

We’re now ready to make our first round of donations.

Thanks to you, we’ve reached our goal of $250,000! We’re now ready to make our first round of donations.

In September 2019, our CAPA21 political action committee set an ambitious goal of raising $250,000 in a #TakeItBack2020 campaign led by Asian Americans to defeat Donald Trump and Trump Republicans in 2020.

In 2018, CAPA21 raised $100,000 to support candidates and voter engagement activities. Eight of our CAPA21-backed Congressional candidates won and helped return control of the House to Democrats. I felt strongly that our PAC must once again join the fight in 2020 to defeat Donald Trump and Trump Republicans.

I pledged $125,000 as a match for this effort. CAPA21 President Dale Minami secured pledges and donations from Clement Kong, Joan Haratani, Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., Don Tamaki, Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Maeley Tom, and Ginger Lew. Dale and his wife, Ai Mori, also donated. Hoyt and his wife, Leigh-Ann Miyasato, donated, and Hoyt also obtained donations and pledges from David Louie, Colbert Matsumoto, and Louise Ing.


I have never seen such a danger to American ideals

Dale Minami: I have worked to empower Asian Pacific Islander communities for almost 50 years and I have never seen such a danger to API and American ideals

We are only $17,000 away from meeting a $250,000 goal we set to fight that danger. Here’s why and how we plan to do this.

The daily barrage spewed by Trump and his collaborators was really starting to wear me down. I heard the same from others. People expressed to me concerns that the Democrats don’t have a presidential candidate with the charisma and skills of a Barack Obama. They feel helpless, hopeless, or just tired of the bad news.


Help us lead the fight to take back the White House and Congress!

As long-time activists and CAPA21 supporters, we are reaching out to ask you to join us in a fundraising campaign to help make a difference in the 2020 races which will be pivotal in the direction of our country for our lifetimes.  We think that our friends are as outraged by Trump as we are and want to do something, but may not want to do the research as to where to send their money.

As you may know, CAPA21 is a PAC whose roots go back over 30 years when many of us became more active politically in response to anti-Asian issues and candidates in California.  Our focus then was mainly for the AAPI community in California but now our plan is to raise enough money to donate to defeat Trump and take back the White House and Congress.

Last year we raised $100,000 which helped swing 8 seats in the 2018 General Election to turn Congress back to blue.  This year, Glen S. Fukushima, CAPA21’s Chair, pledged $125,000 toward matching funds, inspiring fellow NAPABA members Hoyt Zia, Clement Kong, Joan Haratani, Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., and Don Tamaki to commit $10,000 each.  David Louie, Colbert Matsumoto, Kei-on and Sonia Chan, Louise Ing and Dale Minami pledged $5,000 each. Mona Lisa Yuchengco gave $3,000 and Maeley Tom and Ginger Lew pledged $1,000 each–for a total matching amount of $77,000.

If leaders like you join us this effort, we believe it will inspire many other who will help  magnify the voice of Asian Pacific Americans in this battle for our future.  If you could pledge $1000 or more, we can increase the Matching Grant Goal and reach a higher figure.  And if you can share this email with your mailing list and ask those folks to share, or on Facebook or Twitter, we can amplify our reach! Will you join us?

Donations can be made on this link:

By showing that skin in this game, we will make an “ask” of our other political soul-mates to join us, with a goal of reaching $250,000.  After we reach $250,000, the plan is to do a mass mailer to 5,000 people in our network, urging them to make matching donations, however big or small, with the hope of raising even more money.

So please let us know if you will help lead this fight.  We know our future as a country depends on not giving up hope, taking action and not allowing silence to become complicity.

Donations can be made on this link:

With great appreciation,

Dale Minami
Glen S. Fukushima
Hoyt Zia
Don Tamaki
Maeley Tom
Joan Haratani
Louise Ing
Clement Kong
Colbert Matsumoto
Ginger Lew
Raymond L. Ocampo Jr.