Asian Americans #TakeItBack: Our first round of donations, what candidates are saying

President Barack Obama last Saturday jumped into the November elections to help #TakeItBack with his endorsement of Democratic candidates in Orange County: Mike Levin, Harley Rouda, Katie Porter, Gil Cisneros, Josh Harder, and T.J. Cox.

These are the same candidates that we’re supporting through CAPA21’s Asian American #TakeItBack campaign, having raised an incredible $47,500 in just over a month for candidate donations and efforts to reach voters.

Help us reach our next $50,000 goal! We’re just $2,500 shy and your donation can help move us to the next level!

Read on below for details of our first round of donations, including terrific feedback from our endorsed candidates, and an updated list of our donors supporting Asian Americans #TakeItBack!

Thank you for your support!

~ Dale Minami



Because of your generous support, we already made our first round of donations to candidates in California swing districts and to key Asian American candidates:

Mike Levin For Congress – California, 49th District – $1,500.00
Andy Kim for Congress – New Jersey – $2,000.00
Josh Harder for Congress – California, 10th District – $1,500.00
Katie Hill for Congress – California, 25th District – $1,500.00
Harley Rouda for Congress – California, 48th District – $1,500.00
Andrew Janz for Congress – California 22nd District – $2,500.00
Gina Ortiz Jones for Congress – Texas – $2,000.00

Andy Kim: My wife and two baby boys are my world. I am running for Congress to protect our families and give us every opportunity to provide strong and stable futures for our children.CAPA21’s support will help us reach hundreds more Asian voters across the district through doors knocked, phones called, and ads on television and online.

Katie Hill: If we can mobilize our low-propensity voters here in the 25th district, I know we will be able to ensure that our values are represented in Washington. One-in-three AAPIs who are eligible to vote don’t turn out on Election Day. CAPA21’s support will allow us to have even more critical conversations with voters.

TJ Cox: As the son of immigrants from China and the Philippines, diverse communities are central to our campaign. Filipino, Sikh and Punjabi communities are significant voting blocs in CA21 . We are laser-focused on turning out these voters through door-knocking, phone banking, and community-centered earned media. Support from CAPA21 helping us in these efforts.



The CAPA21 PAC recognizes and thanks those on the front lines – the early donors – who have made generous contributions to this effort:

Hoyt Zia
Glen S. Fukushima
Minami Tamaki LLP
Johnnie Giles
Don Tamaki
Dr. Craig Yamada and Dr. Monice Kwok
Dale Minami
Sydnie Kohara
Richard Sakai and Connie Young
Randy Choy
Paul Osaki
Minette Kwok and Gerald Okimoto
Michael G. Lee
Kei-on Chan
John Yang
Joan Haratani
Dianne Fukami
Colbert Matsumoto
Chris Noma and Steve Fong
Bryan Springmeyer
Tasha Yorozu
Renie Yoshida
Edwin Oshika
David Louie
Audrey Yamamoto
Vincent Pan
Stan Yogi
Sean Tamura-Sato
Mas and Marcia Hashimoto
Todd Fujinaga
Eddie and Pam Kochiyama
Audee Holman
Angela Oh
Teresa Tan
Satsuki Ina
Sam Mihara
Richard Komatsu
Philip Kan Gotanda and Diane Takei
Paul Igasaki
Patricia Shiu
Nancy Yamaguchi
Martha Nakagawa
Maeley Tom
Hiroshi Shimizu
Eddie Wong
Dr. Roland Minami
Doris Gee
Carol Izumi
Cal Abe
Shirley Nakao

If you donated and don’t see your name here, please let us know so we can recognize you!

And we welcome new donations to our Asian Americans #TakeItBack campaign!


Asian Americans can make a difference in taking back Congress and stopping the vilest president we have known. We can reverse this current climate of anti-immigration laws, hate crimes, revival of internment prisons and discrimination. #TakeItBack

DNC’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Message

To mark Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Vice Chair Grace Meng, and DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong released the following statement (via Phil Kim, Director of AAPI Engagement):

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have made tremendous contributions to our country.

From starting small businesses to making breakthroughs in the sciences and technologies, serving in our military since the birth of this nation, and excelling in sports, education and the arts – they make an invaluable impact on our country each and every day.

AAPI Heritage Month reminds us of the cultures, traditions, and remarkable achievements made by the AAPI community, at times in the face of discrimination and exclusion.

We also honor the deep tradition of public service that runs in the AAPI community. From Dalip Singh Saund, who was the first Asian American to serve in Congress, to Patsy Mink, the very first woman of color ever to serve in Congress, to Norman Mineta, who was the first Asian American appointed by a president to serve as a cabinet secretary, generations of AAPIs have served this country with honor and distinction in all echelons of Government.

And Democrats have continued to help elect AAPI leaders so that those in elected office better represent the diversity of our country. In the last year, Democrats Kathy Tran and Kelly Fowler became the first Asian American women elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, while Vin Gopal was the first Indian American elected to the New Jersey state Senate and Manka Dhingra’s victory flipped control of the Washington state Senate, giving Democrats full control of the state government.

While we celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, Democrats will continue working every day to protect civil rights and expand opportunities for AAPI communities across the country.

DNC Social Reception
In celebration of APAHM
Thursday, May 24
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: TBD

Fighting for the Underdog

The John Chiang for Governor campaign released a new ad about John that tells the story of why he’s always fought for California’s underdogs and why he’s the leader we need today.

This new ad could make a difference in the campaign — if we have the resources to share it with voters across the state.

Help us spread the word. Watch the ad and then chip in to help us share it with more California voters.

John’s family was the first Asian American family in their neighborhood. And while they aspired to achieve the American Dream, life wasn’t always easy. They came home to broken windows and graffiti on their garage, but John and his family endured. It inspired John to become the leader he is today — the leader who always fights for the underdog.

Every Californian, whether they’re a single mom, a dad working a double shift, or a student who dreams of a brighter future, deserves a leader who will fight for them — a governor with a proven track record to get the job done.

As our state treasurer and state controller, John’s made it his mission to fight for all Californians. He held Wells Fargo and Wall Street banks accountable, made sure thousands of affordable housing units got the financing they need, and protected the pay of hardworking Californians.

Now he’s ready to continue that fight as governor — but he needs your help to reach Californians all across the state with our message.

John Chiang for Governor Fighting for the Underdog

After you’ve watched John’s new ad, chip in and help us build the momentum to win this election.

Thank you!