Our priorities for donations to progressive candidates are: (1) Presidential, U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates who advance AAPI interests; and (2) California state-level candidates who advance AAPI interests and are qualified and well-positioned for higher office.

We will generally refrain from donating to non-federal candidates from other states, except AAPI candidates whose election would be groundbreaking for AAPIs, or who we believe to have a significant role to play in advancing AAPI interests nationally.

We will generally refrain from donating to California municipal-level candidates, except those who advance AAPI interests, are well-positioned for higher office, and at least one of the following: (a) belong to an under-represented AAPI community (e.g. Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, South Asian), or (b) are AAPI running in a low-AAPI district/area.

All candidates requesting support from CAPA21 are required to complete a candidate questionnaire, which is available online.

PLEASE NOTE: The online form does not save your responses in draft mode, so we recommend you draft your answers and paste them in the form before submitting.

Click here for the questionnaire.