#TakeItBack Campaign

Because of your support, CAPA21 reached our $100,000 campaign goal for candidates and field activities through our Asian Americans #TakeItBack campaign!

Together we ensured that Asian Americans played a strong role in helping stop the vilest president we have known. We must take back our Congress to reverse this current climate of anti-immigration laws, hate crimes, wrongful incarceration and discrimination.

This email includes a complete listing of our donations to candidates and information about the field activities we supported. We also include a list of contributors who made our Asian Americans #TakeItBack campaign a success.

On behalf of CAPA21 PAC Chair Glen S. Fukushima and campaign partner Hoyt Zia, thank you for your incredible support.

Dale Minami
President, CAPA21 PAC

PS – We spent every penny we raised from this campaign (minus transaction fees and admin costs) on contributing to candidates and field activities. Make a donation today to provide general support for CAPA21 so that we can continue our efforts to ensure that Asian Americans have a powerful presence and role in all branches and levels of government and politics, achieved through voters who are engaged, informed, and empowered.