AG Rob Bonta’s election could be the most important in California this year

We are heartbroken and angry at the senseless murders of at least 19 children and two adults yesterday in Uvalde, Texas, a primarily Latino communityTuesday’s shooting was the eighth mass shooting in 13 years in Texas, where the Republican-dominated leadership has repeatedly loosened gun laws. “Top state officials again quickly signaled that the deaths in Uvalde would not likely lead to stricter gun control in the state and instead pushed for arming more teachers and adding police to school campuses,” reports the Texas Tribune.

Today is the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. We condemn the systemic oppression of African Americans that contributed to his killing, embrace Black Lives Matter, and stand in full solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters. Speak out and add your voice by submitting a video by this evening to the June 25 Unity March, a historic Asian American-led, intersectional BIPOC mobilization bringing together 25,000+ Asian Americans, immigrants, and allies to Washington, DC. Learn more at

The election of AG Rob Bonta could be the most important in California this year

CAPA21 is proud to endorse Rob Bonta and is contributing $5,000 in total for the primary. We expect to donate more to his campaign in the general. As an article in The Los Angeles Times points out, this could be the most important state-level race in California this year.

In Washington, Democrats hold the Senate with a tenuous 50-50 tie. In state legislatures and capitols across the country, right-wing politicians are pushing a regressive, backwards agenda that threatens our rights to privacy, to freedom from discrimination, to safe and legal abortion, and so much more. 

But thanks to AG Rob Bonta and his team, California leads the nation to defend against these hateful policies. As California’s chief law enforcement officer, Rob is the People’s Attorney — someone who ensures that justice is fairly served, regardless of a person’s race or economic status. 

The GOP would love nothing more than to STOP California’s progress and install a far-right Republican Attorney General this year. They’ve raked in millions to defeat Rob, but we can’t let them win.

CAPA21 is supporting a fundraiser for AG Bonta organized by the Filipino community on Wednesday, June 22, at Noon in Vallejo. See this flyer for more details or contact

Coming soon: More CAPA21 endorsements and contributions to organizations on the ground in key states

CAPA21 expects to announce the next wave of donations to more candidates and organizations following key primaries this month. Stay tuned!