Donate to CAPA21 and help us advance AAPI political empowerment.


Donation online via ActBlue for contributions of $5,000* or less.

*We are able to accept donations of any amounts, but online donations are restricted to $5,000 or less. We welcome donations above $5,000 via check and ask that donors interested in giving at a higher amount contact us before making a donation so that we can advise you of campaign finance rules governing contributions to PACs.


Please make your check payable to “CAPA21 Federal” and include your contact information, occupation, and employer (we are required by law to report the latter two):

Mail to:
CAPA21 c/o Dale Minami
360 Post Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Thank you for your support!

Contact us if you have any questions related to contributions.