The Math (and Path) is Clear. We Must Take Back Congress in Order to Restrain Trump.

Trump has chosen our enemies over our own people. Russia over the USA. North Koreans over Americans.

Trump and Co. are escalating attacks against the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Trump’s increasingly erratic and vitriolic tweets reveal his panic. He actually believes he’s above the law. The growing list of his transgressions are proving too much even for his allies.

When he invited Russia to hack into American websites, Russian operatives did so within hours. Twelve Russian operatives were charged with crimes and one Russian spy arrested for espionage. He chooses to believe Putin over the FBI and CIA, our own intelligence agencies.

Trump enriches himself and his family by encouraging foreign agencies to stay at his hotel properties. His family members exploit his position in other countries for financial gain. He has chosen to reward the mega-rich while punishing the middle class with his tax policies.

Trump endorses the policies that imprisoned my Japanese American family – all citizens – without the rights to a trial or attorneys. He has separated children from mothers and fathers without any plan to reunite them. Over 300 children may never see their parents as they are too young to even recognize them and there are no records to match these children with their parents.

The November elections will be a turning point in our nation’s history.  Do we give up fighting for our humanity and a just society, or dissolve into a segregated, unequal, and increasingly violent country?

The math is simple.

There are 51 Republican and 49 Democratic Senators in Congress.  A shift of two seats will change control of that chamber.  The House of Representatives has 236 Republicans, 193 Democrats, and six vacancies. A shift of just 19 seats (out of 435) will make a huge difference.

The outcome of up to 10 California Congressional seats could determine who controls the House. Nearly all of them are in very close races with Republican incumbents challenged by surging Democrats.

If we can turn some of these races, we can reclaim a chance to build a more just, fairer, safer, and less discriminatory country. Will you join me in supporting Democratic candidates in California so we can stop the damaging policies that are dividing and tearing down our country?

The money we can raise will determine the number of candidates we support. Your donation, no matter the amount, will make a tremendous difference in our efforts.

Many others are fundraising for the same goal – to take back Congress – but your donation will help amplify the voices of Asian Americans in the political process and this historic moment.

We will donate to candidates who can swing districts Blue. We will also contribute to outreach and voter registration efforts that empower the Asian American community’s electoral impact.

Let’s reclaim this great nation. Donate to the CAPA21 PAC today. When the Democrats take back Congress, it must be known that Asian Americans played a role. Our voices and our importance must be heard and felt.

Thank you in advance for your support!

~ Dale Minami

DNC’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Message

To mark Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Vice Chair Grace Meng, and DNC AAPI Caucus Chair Bel Leong-Hong released the following statement (via Phil Kim, Director of AAPI Engagement):

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have made tremendous contributions to our country.

From starting small businesses to making breakthroughs in the sciences and technologies, serving in our military since the birth of this nation, and excelling in sports, education and the arts – they make an invaluable impact on our country each and every day.

AAPI Heritage Month reminds us of the cultures, traditions, and remarkable achievements made by the AAPI community, at times in the face of discrimination and exclusion.

We also honor the deep tradition of public service that runs in the AAPI community. From Dalip Singh Saund, who was the first Asian American to serve in Congress, to Patsy Mink, the very first woman of color ever to serve in Congress, to Norman Mineta, who was the first Asian American appointed by a president to serve as a cabinet secretary, generations of AAPIs have served this country with honor and distinction in all echelons of Government.

And Democrats have continued to help elect AAPI leaders so that those in elected office better represent the diversity of our country. In the last year, Democrats Kathy Tran and Kelly Fowler became the first Asian American women elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, while Vin Gopal was the first Indian American elected to the New Jersey state Senate and Manka Dhingra’s victory flipped control of the Washington state Senate, giving Democrats full control of the state government.

While we celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, Democrats will continue working every day to protect civil rights and expand opportunities for AAPI communities across the country.

DNC Social Reception
In celebration of APAHM
Thursday, May 24
Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: TBD

Fighting for the Underdog

The John Chiang for Governor campaign released a new ad about John that tells the story of why he’s always fought for California’s underdogs and why he’s the leader we need today.

This new ad could make a difference in the campaign — if we have the resources to share it with voters across the state.

Help us spread the word. Watch the ad and then chip in to help us share it with more California voters.

John’s family was the first Asian American family in their neighborhood. And while they aspired to achieve the American Dream, life wasn’t always easy. They came home to broken windows and graffiti on their garage, but John and his family endured. It inspired John to become the leader he is today — the leader who always fights for the underdog.

Every Californian, whether they’re a single mom, a dad working a double shift, or a student who dreams of a brighter future, deserves a leader who will fight for them — a governor with a proven track record to get the job done.

As our state treasurer and state controller, John’s made it his mission to fight for all Californians. He held Wells Fargo and Wall Street banks accountable, made sure thousands of affordable housing units got the financing they need, and protected the pay of hardworking Californians.

Now he’s ready to continue that fight as governor — but he needs your help to reach Californians all across the state with our message.

John Chiang for Governor Fighting for the Underdog

After you’ve watched John’s new ad, chip in and help us build the momentum to win this election.

Thank you!