Donate to #TakeItBack2020

Join us in a fundraising campaign to make a difference in the 2020 races. The next elections will be pivotal to the direction of our country. We think that you are as outraged by Trump as we are and want to do something, but may not have the time or resources to do the research necessary to decide where to send your money.

Donate to help us reach our campaign goal of $250,000!

Thank you to our generous donors:
Glen S. Fukushima: $125,000
Hoyt Zia: $10,000
Clement Kong: $10,000
Joan Haratani: $10,000
Raymond L. Ocampo Jr.: $10,000
Donald K. Tamaki: $10,000
Kei-on Chan and Sonia Ng: $10,000
Mona Lisa Yuchengco: $8,000
David Louie: $5,000
Colbert Matsumoto: $5,000
Louise Ing: $5,000
Dale Minami and Ai Mori: $5,000
John Dean: $5,000
Diane Yen-Mei Wong and Nelson G. Dong
Garrin A. Wong: $2,500
Maeley Tom: $1,000
Ginger Lew: $1,000
Dianne Fukami: $1,000
Renie Yoshida Grohl: $1,000
Laura K. Hong: $1,000
Henry and Priscilla Der: $1,000
Stuart Lee and Naomi Kubota Lee: $1,000
Gayle Chan: $1,000
Lia Shigemura and Helen Zia
Susan Kamei
Jane Chin
Raymond Buenaventura
Linda Cabatic
Shirley Nakao
Sharon Hemling & Walt Fujii
Stan Yogi
Sandra and Hans Goto
Laura Masunaga
Chad Taniguchi
Judy Koyama
Richard Komatsu and Cynthia Clearwater
Nick Nagatani
Diane Suzuki
Douglas Inouye
Lillian Tsai
Emiko Omori
Garrett Hongo
Alan and Carol Nitake
Ben Fong-Torres
Diane Suzuki
Lilian Tsai
Walt Fujii
Chad Taniguchi
Laura Masunaga
Douglas Inouye
Emiko Omori
Audee Kochiyama-Holman

CAPA21 is a PAC whose roots go back over 30 years when many of us became more active politically in response to anti-Asian issues and candidates in California. Our focus then was mainly for the AAPI community in California but now our plan is to raise enough money to donate to defeat Trump and take back Congress.

Our plan leading up to the 2020 general election is to raise enough money to donate to:

  • Trump’s opponent in the Presidential race (and Independent Expenditures opposing Trump),
  • Winnable candidates in Swing Senate States,
  • Winnable candidates in Swing Congressional Districts, and
  • Support voter registration and GOTV activities.

Last year we raised $100,000 which helped swing 8 seats in the 2018 General Election to turn Congress back to blue. This year, Glen S. Fukushima, CAPA21’s Chair, pledged $125,000 toward matching funds, inspiring fellow NAPABA members Hoyt Zia, Clement Kong, Joan Haratani, Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., and Don Tamaki to commit $10,000 each. David Louie, Colbert Matsumoto, Kei-on and Sonia Chan, Louise Ing and Dale Minami pledged $5,000 each. Mona Lisa Yuchengco gave $3,000 and Maeley Tom and Ginger Lew pledged $1,000 each.

So please let us know if you will help lead this fight. We know our future as a country depends on not giving up hope, taking action and not allowing silence to become complicity.


Donation online via ActBlue for contributions of $5,000* or less.

*We are able to accept donations of any amounts, but online donations are restricted to $5,000 or less. We welcome donations above $5,000 via check and ask that donors interested in giving at a higher amount contact us before making a donation so that we can advise you of campaign finance rules governing contributions to PACs.


Please make your check payable to “CAPA21 Federal” and include your contact information, occupation, and employer (we are required by law to report the latter two):

Mail to:
CAPA21 c/o Dale Minami
360 Post Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Thank you for your support!

Contact us if you have any questions related to contributions.