CAPA21 Mourns the Loss of Secretary Norman Mineta

The CAPA21 Asian Pacific American political action committee mourns the loss of Secretary Norman Mineta, who passed away on May 3 at age 90. We express our deepest condolences to Deni, David, and the Mineta family.

Secretary Mineta was one of the greatest Asian Pacific American leaders in our history. He not only broke numerous barriers but forged a career notable for advancing APA interests and empowerment – done with a generosity of spirit and graciousness that is rare in politics.

From the synopsis of Dianne Fukami’s documentary on Secretary Mineta: “The child of immigrants, Norman Mineta’s uniquely American story charts a path from the shame he experienced as a Japanese American inside a U.S. concentration camp during World War II to his triumphant rise to political prominence that shaped every level of government and made him one of the most influential Asian Americans in the history of our nation. 

“His distinguished career is an unmatched slate of achievements, including 20 years in the United States Congress and eventually serving in the Cabinets of two Presidents from different political parties— Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He is celebrated as a bipartisan visionary who championed political civility yet was a bold change maker with a deft political touch whose legacy includes a lifelong commitment to social justice.”